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January brings on the start of the Wedding show season. YAY!
I love them.
I participate in only one, and I have a blast doing that, but I also attend many of them with my Brides. I not only do this to help them with their planning, but also to see what catches their eye. I can't base my Weddings on the magazines of what's hot and popular for this year. I do read them, and I do pay attention, but what really makes it hit home for me is seeing the Brides reaction to some of the décor and vendors. What is hip and in the "now" may not be for them. The other great thing is that they can score some really great deals and win cool stuff!
Rocky Mountain Bridal Show is the biggest Bridal show in Denver. It takes place at the Denver Convention Center and is just packed with all things wedding. The place is huge, the amount of vendors is huge, and it has a giant balloon drop at the end that is super cool. Catch a balloon, pop it, and hopefully there is a  little strip of paper that awards you a prize. My Brides have won everything from a T-Shirt to a weekend in Vegas. Sweet!
Colorado Bridal Expo  takes place at the Curtis Hotel downtown. I just went to this show for my first time yesterday and have to say I liked that it was different than the other shows I've been to. There was ALOT of goodies to taste, and someone even had mimosas and little cuties. (you know-the baby oranges.) I also liked it because the variety of the vendors differed from what I have typically seen at the other shows. What I didn't like, was that it takes place in a variety of rooms as opposed to one large space. Oh, and the $16 valet bill. 7 degrees out, the garage was supposedly under construction, and no up close parking. Really?
Bridal Festivals has 3 shows in the month of January, but all 3 are different. They take place in Loveland, Colorado Springs, and Denver, and they give away some fantastic prizes, including a Carnival cruise for 2. There are several drawings throughout the show for prizes, with the bigger prizes given away closer to the end. The variety of vendors is a good mix, and many offer "show only" discounts. Check out the free fashion show and the inspiration gallery's are great.
My advice to the Bride searching for vendors and discounts on all things Wedding, is to get out there. Bring a notepad or keep the program in hand, and check mark the ones you want to hear more from. They can be overwhelming, and some vendors don't know how to back off, but for the most part, they are pretty cool and just give you a short spiel and let you move on. Its nice to meet people face to face and see what you think about them as a person.
These are just a few of the many Bridal shows in the Denver area. This month alone there are a dozen or more to check out. They typically run January thru the end of April, with a break for the Wedding season, and then they will resume around August or so. Here is a list of websites you can visit to find a show in your area. Have FUN!!!
Perfect Wedding Guide
Wedding Wire
The Knot
Wedding Sites and Services
Great Bridal Expo

Cheating Your Wedding

Some people think that getting awards is great for business. I happen to be one of them. I don't know if it makes a tremendous amount of difference to a Bride or party thrower when they are looking for a company to help them with their plans. But, I like to show off a bit, and, honestly, who doesn't like to be rewarded for their hard work.
In my line of work, there are several awards that we can win. Most of them, like from The Knot & Wedding Wire, don't give you much more than a badge for your website, but even the little things like that make you feel good about yourself. The fact that you worked so hard to get that award, and that somebody noticed! Yep, makes you feel good. So, I wonder, how do you feel when you cheat your way to the top?
I recently received news that an acquaintance of mine won an award. Now, I should have been all "yay for you!", pat, pat, on the back.  But, here's the problem. She cheats. She cheats a lot.
She cheats and that ticks me off. You see, I know her story. I have been to affairs with her on numerous occasions and she is not very liked by her peers, because they also know she cheats. She lies about who she knows and who she has worked with.  But, how would you know? How, would a Bride to be know? Looking at her website and seeing her badges of honor is pretty impressive. But, seriously, why lie?
Obviously, there are some Wedding planners out there that have all kinds of award badges they have legitimately won. Don't be turned off by them. Remember too, that there are some great ones with no badges of glory at all on their site. I, myself, have none. But, that is partly because I am honest about the fact that I have only been in business for a few years, and partly because I don't know how to get them on there right.
So what do you do? My suggestion to you is this simple solution. Meet them face to face. Go with your gut, and do your research. Badges of glory are fantastic, but they aren't everything. Never, ever, assume that just because they have them on display that they are THAT good. While some are trying to figure out ways to cheat the system, others are working hard at building their business, and making sure a Wedding is perfect for their clients. You can look at all of the hoopla online, but you wont be dealing with a computer on your Wedding now will ya?

Bring on the New Year!



I'm excited for the New Year. I mean really excited, like to the point of waking up this morning with a smile on my face and saying "This is gonna be a great year!" You know how you get that feeling, like you just know. That's how I felt this morning. I know its gonna be a great year.
I never got the "great year" feeling with 2012. In fact, I remember almost being nervous that it was coming. Maybe it was all of the doomsday crap. Who knows. Whatever it was, it was gone on the stroke of midnight when we rang in 2013.
So, here we are. A little bit scary with society the way it is right now, but here we are. We have new laws that I never thought I would see passed. We have government issues that seem to never end, and we have each other. We need each other. 2013 is going to be a great year, but probably wont be without incident. Lets keep the joy in our hearts by celebrating life's journeys. Its the least we can do for our families, friends and for ourselves. Never quit celebrating. 
Simple things like family dinners, backyard BBQs, and Birthdays can bring families closer together. If you want to be adventurous, plan a family or class reunion. Perhaps a charity event or community party. No matter what you are celebrating, the fact that you are spending time with those you love and care for is priceless. Make 2013 the year you spend more time with your friends and family. That is the stuff that makes a great year

Think about the possibilites!

Sometimes, as a Wedding Planner, I am faced with the not so fun job of bringing a potential client back to reality. I wish I never had to do this and that the dream Wedding you saw on David Tutera could really be yours for 10 or 20 grand, but honestly, that isn't going to happen. My job is to make your dream a reality, but sometimes that comes with a twist called the budget. Now, I'm not saying that I cant make a beautiful Wedding happen for 10Gs, because I have done it several times. I'm just saying that if you go into something realistically then you will be a lot happier with the end result. 

A good example of this is a consultation that I did not to long ago. The Bride and Groom were both super cute. They were very excited to talk with me and got right to what they wanted practically before I got my introduction out. The venue was a choice of 2 locations, both fabulous, and totally fit in with their theme. They wanted a DJ, live band, and dancers that could do a little 20 minute number. They were not sure on food yet, but the bakery they picked for the cake is highly rated and (they knew) a little expensive. There was vintage clothing and decorations that needed to be located and ordered to go with the theme. Also, a photographer, videographer, florist and vintage cars to take the bridal party around town afterwards.  

I was super excited. I love themed Weddings and this couple had an awesome one in the works. I told them what I could do for them and then asked the budget. They were pretty sure they could come up with $8000.

The venue alone would take half of this. The caterers required by the venue would take the rest. I asked how flexible they were on some things, like the venue for starters. Would they go for a place that was considerably less expensive, yet still fit the theme? No. Cocktail reception only? No. Change anything? No. Could they up the budget? No way.

I was pretty disappointed to have to walk away without booking such a fun Wedding. I gave them a budget sheet so they could see for themselves how it all broke down. They were upset with me for the news, but I think (or hope) they had a little respect for me for it as well. 

Please understand that the budget had nothing to do with this. I have also walked away from a $75,000 Wedding because what she wanted from us was beyond what we were capable of. The expectations of this couple were just not possible with no flexibility.

My job is more than just taking the pieces and putting them together. There is a lot of other things involved in planning a wedding. One of the hardest things to do sometimes its helping people realize that compromise is a good thing. You aren't giving anything up, just, in this case, switching from an $8000 venue/food cost, to a $2000 one. Other times its just giving them some advice. My wish for everyone is a beautiful Wedding that you can realistically afford, and be proud of, no matter what your budget.      










Here comes the New Year!

Can you believe it! We are getting ready to come into 2013. I really never thought I would see the day. So, with a new year, comes new year resolutions. Do you make them? More importantly, do you keep them?

I'm not one to make the "I'm gonna go on a diet" or "quit smoking or drinking" promises. Tried those and really just set myself up for failure so don't even mess with them anymore. My resolutions are a secret, and consist of things that I either wont fail at, or wont make me feel like a big loser because I didn't keep it.

So, what about 2013? I do feel like there should be something I tell myself that I will do to improve myself or those around me, but what?  Here are 3 tips that I use and that might help you with picking the right resolution.

1. Don't Set Yourself Up for Failure! Sometimes just re-wording your resolution can make a big difference. "I am going to loose 20 lbs."  How about re-wording that one. Perhaps eating healthier, or promising more fresh fruits in your diet.

2. Pick something obtainable. I would never tell anyone that they could not obtain their dream. Just look at it realistically.

3. Don't over do it. Pick one thing. Just one. Once you have accomplished it, then you can make a Birthday or 1st day of summer resolution. To many times we ask to much of ourselves and then get overwhelmed with it all.

My 2012 resolution was to move forward in my business. I never set a boundary, just a simple promise to move forward. I'm proud of keeping that promise and of where I am today. I have been thinking about 2013 and have a few ideas for resolutions. Some seem very simple, but that's ok. I will pick just one for now. I'm excited to see what 2013 brings.  Happy New Year! 

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